This website has undergone a few major design changes since its creation. I have reached a point where any further changes will probably be negligible.


I've tried to create a minimalist interface. I've drawn inspiration from Motherfucking Website and Better Motherfucking Website.

To make the site lightweight and compatible with more browsers, I haven't used any JavaScript. I have also made the images few and small (with the exception of my rice page, where images are the focus).


Originally, the site categorised pages based on the opinion they expressed. There were 3 sections: the Greatabase (positive opinions), the Hateabase (rants), and Misc (neither). I soon realised that this system made it difficult to keep track of pages, and made an extra page sorting them by topic.

I then realised that there was no point in keeping the infinitely less useful Greatabase/Hateabase/Misc system, and having multiple sorting systems went against the site's minimalist philosophy. I restructured the site to sort by topic only. I'm not sure why I started with the unintuitive and untidy G/H/M system; I may have thought it was unique, when in fact it was inconveniently idiosyncratic.

I also created non-blog sections. Non-blog pages may be updated to reflect changing views/circumstances, while blog posts are a reflection of my thoughts at a particular time and their content will not be changed (except to correct errors).


When the site used G/H/M categorisation, the 3 symbols at the top of every page were initially a thumbs-up, thumbs-down and something else I can't remember. I decided that this was tacky and switched to something more subtle — a plus sign, minus sign and equals sign.

When I got rid of the G/H/M system, I kept those symbols because I thought they looked cool. I later changed them to Platonic solids for similar reasons.


To simulate a CRT display, I used CSS based on this example, and the VT323 font.