ThinkPad T420

Bought online in April 2022 from a refurbisher of used laptops. It was delivered in perfect working order, apart from slow performance. Replacing the HDD with a SSD (which I also bought used online) improved its performance significantly. I spent a total of £140 on the laptop and SSD, a good deal for a setup that works this well. If you don't require cutting-edge hardware, I recommend buying used.

The main things I like about the ThinkPad are its keyboard, its modularity which makes it easy to replace/upgrade parts, and its durability. I am also fond of its distinctive appearance.

Before the ThinkPad, I used an HP laptop which was my first computer. My parents bought it for me in September 2019. I knew nothing about laptops at the time; I ended up with that model because it happened to be the most suitable-looking laptop in the store we went to. I replaced it with the ThinkPad because the USB ports and various keys became unreliable, only working sporadically.

Logitech M185

Gift from a friend for Christmas 2021. Most of the time I use my laptop's touchpad, but occasionally I use this mouse for Minesweeper speedruns.

Nokia G10

My first phone, which I got in July 2021. Like the HP laptop, it was bought for me by my parents, and almost no deliberation went into choosing the model. It works well enough for my purposes, apart from being too large to comfortably carry in my pocket. I mostly use it for things I wouldn't be able to do on my laptop (phone calls, texting, scanning QR codes). If my laptop isn't available, or if it would be more convenient, I use it for web searches and listening to music. I don't use it very often.


I don't have a PC. Currently, I don't think I can afford one. I'm also not sure I need one, as nothing I do on my computer is particularly resource-intensive. I would enjoy building a PC, but I'm not sure I'd have much use for it afterwards.